Overcoming Adversities!!

I had suffered so many hardships in my new walk with Christ. I had begun to feel overwhelmed, but suffering adversity led me one step closer in my long journey of walking in my purpose and destiny with Christ. I was then reminded by the Holy Spirit of Genesis chapter 35-60. This was the story of Joseph who was rejected by his brothers, who had grown envious of him because he had found favour in his fathers eyes, and also in the eyes of God. Joseph was a dreamer, and he had gotten a dream where he saw seven stars bowing down to the moon.

His brothers became angry at his dream, then plotted against him to try and kill him, because they realized that the dream was indicating that his seven brothers would bow down to worship him. That was the mistake Joseph made. He told them his dreams. So they threw him in a pit, took the robe his father gave him, placed animal blood on it, and told his father he was eaten by animals, then later sold him to some Midianite traders who were heading to Egypt where they took him as a slave and he was sold into slavery.

Joseph was purchased as a household slave by Potipher. He was the Captain of Pharaoh's palace guards. Telling other people your dreams can cause hatred and bitterness in the other person's heart against you. Your dreams are not for everyone. There will be others who will hate you bitterly for your own dreams. These are dream killers. Beware of them.

Joseph then suffered at the hands of Potipher's wife, as the bible says that Joseph was very handsome. She had wanted him to sleep with her but Joseph's mind blowing response sparked a series of further misfortune that ricochet through his life. He ran from her and asked, "how could I do such wickedness against God?" He made it clear that adultery was wickedness against God Himself, but she had grabbed unto His coat, and told Potipher that Joseph tried to rape her and he was sent to prison for years, for a crime he didn't do, but it all led to what later became his story to glory.

I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of what happened further with Joseph when he was thrown in prison. Though in prison, he found favour with the prison guards, and he was made to watch over the prisoners, even though he himself was also a prisoner. This was a separate set of guards, first he was working along with the captain of the palace guards, then he found himself in prison with the prison guards. Wherever he went God placed favours upon him.

While in prison, he met Pharaoh's baker, and his cupbearer. Both were sentenced to prison at the same time that Joseph was imprisoned. They both had a dream and only Joseph could interpret those dreams but when Joseph did, and the cupbearer was restored to his position as Joseph had indicated, Joseph asked him not to forget him, but two more years had passed, and the cupbearer did indeed forget about Joseph, but that was not God's denial for Joseph, it was His perfect timing for him to walk into His purpose and destiny. To meet Pharaoh in person, and not only to meet him but to become his governor. His second in command to a country that held world power. That is the power and authority of God.

God has a way to allow your adversities to become your story to glory. The sufferings you face today, are really a reflection of what you will become tomorrow even though you can never really see it in the time of adversity. Delay does not mean denial. Not every dream should be shared with others because dreams can also be seen as threats. Joseph's brothers did see him as a threat, but it could not stop him from becoming who God had called him to be, a great leader. What is your story today? Trust God in the process and believe it will lead to God's glory? and your victory?

My Prayer

Dear Lord,

I thank You for my seasons of adversities. The seasons where I was unsure whether or not I would make it. Those times when I felt imprisoned by the situations that surrounded me with no visible way out, but God You have shown me through Joseph's story that even when the circumstance seems hopeless, like all is lost and forgotten, that You will make that way again. I trust You God that like You restored all those years Joseph lost in His times of adversities, so will You restore mine in Jesus' name. Amen!

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